About Our Lab


About Our Lab

Excellence in Environmental Microbiology, Mould Exposure Assessment & Indoor Air Quality

What We Do

In 2011 we began sending mail order, do it yourself (DIY) mould testing kits using classical microbiology sampled to Petri plates around Australia branded from biologicalhealthservices.com.au. Initially this was to address the fact that many people need a fast YES or NO answer regarding whether a particular room or surface IS or IS NOT mould contaminated but need this validated by a lab without the higher costs of an on site inspection. Settle plates or passive sampling is a common sampling method for measuring airborne contamination. mould.net.au was set up by Dr. Cameron Jones, PhD and his academic and research work with fungi spans over 25+ years. His CV is at drcameronjones.com

microscopy of fungal spores found on a tape lift

Our DIY mould testing kits fill this need by allowing you to do the testing, send it back to our lab, have it analysed by a MSc or PhD level mycologist/microbiologist and prepare a written report. The DIY market across Australasia has grown fast, and we've now developed a dedicated site for this purpose. We've called this Division of the business: mould.net.au since moulds (fungi) grow by repeated branching of their cells called hyphae. This quickly develops into a 'network of filaments' that appears as a colony.

In fact, mould.net.au is proud to offer a full range of mail order indoor testing media suitable for moulds, bacteria and yeasts using special, differential Petri Plate media. Also browse through our literature review that validates the use of settle plates for measurement of microbial air quality in a wide range of different environments.

  • Our methods have achieved certification and compliance against ISO 9001:2015ISO 17025:2017, and ISO 15189:2012.
  • In fact, our method for "home testing" is based on the same environmental monitoring method enshrined in the official ISO 14644-1:2015 Standard for the "classification of air cleanliness in terms of concentration of airborne viable particles". This is also the fundamental method of choice for microbial control and monitoring of aseptic processing cleanrooms which are used for the production of sterile pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The Settle plate method is therefore the most direct way to reliably assess your indoor air quality and against a set of metrics that have been proven over time.
  • Our kits allow you to test the AIR for viable mould growth and/or test SURFACES by using the sterile swabs we pack into each kit. This way you benefit by getting an answer to the fundamental questions: "Is the air I breathe contaminated?" and/or "Is this surface contaminated - and if so, what with?" Our kits answer many unanswered questions you may have about mould exposure in your home or workplace.
  • In addition, in 2022 we will be offering batch and on demand polymerase chain reaction (PCR and qPCR) testing for a range of different bacteria and fungi. This will be significantly cheaper than ERMI and will have superior primer-specificity and allow for whole-of-home testing.
  •  All testing is performed in Australia. Kits for Petri plates can only be purchased and sent via post within Australia (Express Post, Express Post + Signature or Express Post + Signature + Extra Cover up to $400), while genetic testing (PCR and qPCR) is available worldwide.

Why We Do This

Did you know that we humans spend up to 90% of our time indoors? Therefore, Indoor air quality is a fundamental consideration that affects health and wellbeing. Our rigorous and scientifically valid indoor air quality inspections have been used by homeowners, strata and body corporates, the real estate sector and in numerous civil legal cases. If you need answers regarding the air quality of your home or workplace, then let the team at biologicalhealthservices.com.au arrange an inspection so we can help you fast or choose a mail order kit and do it yourself from us here at mould.net.au. Either way, you can be assured of premium service and expert analytical advice for your particular problem.

Who This Is For

e.g. Our kits are suitable for:

  • homeowners
  • tenants
  • landlords
  • residential, commercial, strata and facility services managers
  • anyone following a flood or unexpected water damage indoors
  • car or boat interior testing
  • if you are experiencing unusual health complaints and think your indoor living environment may be linked
  • the 'environmental testing' component that may be part of integrative medical care
  • post remediation verification 
  • occupational or industrial hygienists
  • independent validation of your mould claims with evidence e.g. insurance, OH&S, amenity, civil litigation and disputes at tribunal (e.g. VCAT, NCAT, ACAT, QCAT, SACAT, SAT or similar) and residential tenancy, co-op, strata or commercial tenancy especially to confirm works done by restorers/carpet cleaners was successful
  • pre-purchase or pre-lease DIY mould testing

Do You Need More Than This?

We do of course carry out all types of on-site inspections and can advise you on testing methods, analyze existing data or written reports and provide expert witness services. We pride ourselves on the provision of high-level analytical reporting. Call us on 1300132350 for a confidential discussion of the particulars of your matter or claim. We also provide dedicated one-on-one in-depth consultation for your sensitive questions and issues. Post analysis after you have our lab report you may require expert guidance and to this end, we offer personalized consultation.

Other Testing Methods We Can Analyse

  • Spore Traps e.g. Zefon Air-O-Cell or SKC VersaTrap, etc.
  • Tape Lifts e.g. Zefon Bio-Tape or SKC Stick-To-It, etc.
  • Direct Swabs e.g dry, wet

Click here to be re-directed to our main website where you can learn more about or order spore traps etc.

How Easy Is It?

The test itself is very easy to do yourself. In principal, all you are doing is taking an air sample from outdoors as your control (considered to be normal/clean air) and then taking air samples from within your home. The Petri plates arrive sterile and you just expose them to the air for a fixed period of time, then return them to our lab where we do all the work of incubating them, examining them under the microscope as required and counting the colonies and classifying your mould colonies against their taxonomic indicators (Species identification).

 "If you can open and close a lid - you can do this test " 😀😀😀

Is the Method Reliable? Yes & It's Been Peer-Reviewed

We believe in publication of our methods. That's why in both 2016 and 2017 we've had our work accepted after peer review by The Australian Society For Microbiology for presentation as their Annual Scientific Meeting.

Are The Reports High Quality? Yes we're ISO 9001 Accredited

All our work and reports and high quality and our lab and document creation practices conform to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. Certificate No. AUS-Q-900149

Does the lab have any other compliance certifications? Yes we have achieved compliance against the ISO 17025:2017

All our lab work and reports have been assessed for the Competence of Testing Laboratories. While demonstrating Technical Competence in the Field of Testing Laboratories. Certificate No. AUS-TL-17025-149

Are you just an environmental microbiology lab? No, we have been assessed and meet the requirements of ISO 15189:2012 (Medical laboratories).

All our lab work and reports have been assessed and meet the requirements of Medical laboratories - Requirements for quality and competence. Registration Reference: 2020114

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Head Office: Level 1, 459 Toorak Rd, Toorak, VIC, 3142 Lab: 7/4 Weddel Court, Laverton North VIC, 3026, Australia Mon-Fri 8am - 6pm 1300132350 info@biologicalhealthservices.com.au